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35 Ways to Master the Art of the Interview

2. Consider asking for a mid-morning, mid-week interview time

See for example or

4. Get in the zone

Stress management study conducted by Dr E Porensky

5. Interviews still matter – a lot

Hudson's The Hiring Report

7. You’ve got one-tenth of a second to impress

Research conducted by Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, see

8. Colour code yourself

Cross-cultural study into colour emotions conducted by Ou, Luo, Woodcock and Wright

10. Have your shake and smile down pat

Research conducted by Robert Provine, University of Maryland Professor of Psychology. See and

12. Employ the Jedi mind trick of mirroring

Study by Lafrance and Broadbent on group rapport and posture sharing -

14. Overcome unconscious bias

Study by Hooley and Yates into appearance, attractiveness and self-presentation impact on people’s careers -

See this Kirwan Institute report for more information -

17. Be authentic  

Study by R, Kraut on observers’ ability to identify lying by job interviewees –

20. Be a specialist

21. Mastering behavioural questions 

Study showing answers to behavioural questions predict future performance -

23. Mistakes to avoid when answering behavioural questions

MyCareer@Origin provided by Viren Thakrar

Study by Eisenberger, Stinghamber, Vandenburghe, Sucharski and Rhoades on relationship between supervisor support and retention -

32. Psychometric testing

Study by Campion, Pursell and Brown on the effectiveness of psychometric testing -


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